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What Makes Intero Chiropractic Different?

Our secret is the Intero Method, based off of the renowned Gonstead chiropractic technique, which goes above and beyond a traditional chiropractic assessment. Gonstead is a precise system that uses diagnostic testing to identify the root cause of pain and nerve damage. Our doctors utilize this system to deliver precise, specific adjustments, addressing the root of problem areas to restore and maintain optimal health.

Our goal is to help support your body to heal naturally.

Our chiropractors provide services in Pleasanton, Concord, San Jose, and the Greater Bay Area. Patients from all over the Alameda, Contra Costa, and Santa Clara counties come to see us, and some even fly to our office from other cities!

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Scoliosis Pain

Painful Headaches and Neck Pain

Excruciating Back and Leg Pain

 "I love being able to actually see that my spine is more aligned!"

I am so thankful to have found Intero Chiropractic. I have a couple large herniated disks in my low back and a curve in my spine that developed due to my spine compensating for all of my low back issues. I came in with a lot of pain but got relief within just a week of starting treatment here. The assessments are in depth and they do incredible, precise adjustments. The staff are very friendly and great at what they do. I am 8 months into treatment and come in once every week to every other week and am still doing great. My x rays from the start of treatment compared to my re-evaluation are remarkable. I love being able to actually see that my spine is more aligned! Dr. Chris, Dr. Robert, and Dr. Jerry are passionate about what they do and treat each patient with compassion, dignity, and excellence. I HIGHLY recommend Intero Chiropractic!! Don't wait until you are in pain to start taking care of your spine

Carrie R.


Are you ready to get back to doing things you love?

Maybe you've tried other chiropractors before and it didn't work. We're confident that we can help you this time. Get ready for an Intero difference. 

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Chris came in with severe low back pain radiating up the rest of his back.

Chris was having these pains for about 10-11 years now. Both the low back and mid-back pain were getting gradually worse, and he had trouble sleeping through the night because of his pain.

On top of that, he's been taking painkillers to help take the edge off of his pain.

Saulamon was a returning patient that had stopped care over three years ago and began feeling pain on the left side of his body; from his neck down to his lower back and past his glute

In his line of work, he stands for long hours at a time and of course, standing was the position where he felt the most pain. He had begun sleeping on his side to relieve some of the pressure since the pain seemed to intensify in the evening hours. 

The pain was long-term, and Griselda noticed that during the past 5 months, it had started getting even worse.

She had pain in both of her sides, down her neck, and was beginning to experience the first signs of frozen shoulder.

Not only that, but she was also having pain and swelling in her meniscus that was affecting her ability to walk.


What Our Satisfied Patients Are Saying

5 out of 5 stars


Here is a perspective from someone who was not a believer at all in Chiropractic care. I stumbled upon this clinic at a local city fair we were having and I had been struggling with severe sciatica for over 2 years. On this particular day I was in so much pain so figured I would give their pitch a listen.

Dr. Zack was so thorough in his approach and explaining to me where we would be correcting based off of x rays. The x Ray was very comforting knowing they were using data to address what was wrong and causing the pain.

My whole experience here from appointment reminders to being able to easily reschedule adjustments if needed was 10 out of 10.

The best part after about 3 months I have no more pain. It's gone. I know there is still work to be done to completely fix these lower back issues but having the relief after 2 years is something you can't put a price tag on.

I'd highly recommend coming here and taking a dive of faith if you were skeptic like I was. My experience here has been nothing short of amazing.


Wow! The team here is awesome! I was referred to Intero by a coworker, and never took her up on the offer. I finally had enough of being in constant pain and made an appointment. The approach is different from what I have experienced with chiropractic care - and that's a good thing! The staff here is wonderful from the front desk team *hey Mikeala* to my case manager, Ryan, to my chiropractor, Dr. Meagan, I would 100% recommend Intero to help you through your healing journey.


THANK YOU Dr. Jerry and team! I HAD to follow up with another review because these guys really are miracle workers. My 16 year old son somehow injured his back weight-lifting doing shoulder presses and exacerbated the injury by attempting to roll out on a spiky foam roller. He couldn't even MOVE. He literally could not turn and it was a pain to walk, sit, and even more painful getting up. I encouraged him to just ice and ibuprofen and sleep it off but it didn't work.

We immediately made an appointment with Intero and they were able to take us in immediately that day. After one adjustment, my son felt instantly better, the pain was nearly GONE and he was able to move! We signed up for 5 weeks of care and couldn't be happier for maintenance and overall structural correction so he can continue to grow optimally without spinal issues.


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