At Intero Chiropractic, We Treat Your Symptoms and Correct the Cause of Why They Are Occurring.

Experience the Intero Difference

Nobody deserves to live in chronic pain. Intero Chiropractic clinic is a health and wellness center whose expert chiropractors focuses on finding the root cause behind your pain and treat you at affordable prices. Our chiropractors provide services in Pleasanton, San Ramon, Livermore and Dublin CA.

At Intero Chiropractic, our mission is to make a massive shift in the decline of healthcare by changing lives. We aim to provide and educate the California East Bay Tri-Valley area with quality neurological and structural chiropractic care, so that individuals can live optimal and healthier lives. We believe that those who are able to function better and live healthier lives are better able to positively impact their families, communities, and cities.

Using the renowned Gonstead Technique, our approach is focused on finding the root causes of pain instead of chasing symptoms. Traditional medicine and the current societal norms lean towards taking drugs or having surgery, typically addressing only the symptom, not the root cause. We are dedicated to a thorough analysis of the spine and how any dysfunction of the spine causes pain and dysfunction in the entire body. The body is a beautifully complex system, controlled by the brain through the nervous system, and we at Intero are determined to help the body heal as naturally as it can.

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