8 Ways Chiropractic Care Can Boost Your Athletic Ability

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Chiropractic care has come a long way from being known as a treatment for neuromuscular disorders to being used by professional and amateur athletes for their advanced preventive care and overall wellness. 

According to the American Chiropractic Association (ACA), 90% of all world-class athletes use chiropractic care to prevent injuries and increase their performance potential. If your favorite athlete benefits from chiropractic care, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t!   

Today we’re giving you 8 reasons why chiropractic care can help improve your athleticism. We are going to look at how you can boost your athletic ability with the help of your trusted chiropractor.

  1. It strengthens your muscles.

Chiropractic care makes your muscles stronger. Studies have shown that athletes who practice chiropractic care are stronger than those who don’t. If you keep your body properly aligned, each muscle can do what it is designed to do. Hence, they don’t compensate for weak areas. This lessens the stress on your other muscles, allowing them to perform efficiently and making them stronger over time.      

  1. It improves range of motion.

Whether you’re an athlete or just an ordinary Joe who loves to exercise, you have the tendency to put extra pressure on your body when engaging in intense physical activities. This can create problems in your movement and spinal alignment. Chiropractic care can improve your range of motion by removing the stiffness and pain in your joints. Spinal alignment also allows your joints and muscles to work more efficiently. 

Even world-renowned boxer Evander Holyfield needed his regular alignment saying, “I have to have an adjustment before I go into the ring. I do believe in chiropractic. I found that going to a Chiropractor three times a week helps my performance. The majority of boxers go to get that edge.”

  1. It reduces and prevents pain.

Since chiropractic care focuses on spinal manipulation, chiropractors can align your spine to reduce the pain on your neck, back, and joints. It also restores and improves joint function while decreasing inflammation and pain. Chiropractic care can also reduce soreness after a workout, making your feel refreshed. 

  1. It improves performance.

Your spinal column anchors your muscles and by extension, your joints. Hence, whatever stresses and impacts your spine can affect the rest of your body. This ultimately affects your physical performance. Your chiropractor can alleviate these stressors and clear your imbalances. This results in a healthier spine, which means better body weight support and better overall performance.

Michael Jordan, considered by many as the greatest NBA player of all time credits chiropractic care for his improved athleticism saying, “I didn’t know how much I could improve until I started seeing a chiropractor. I’ve improved leaps and bounds, both mentally and physically.”

  1. It decreases your recovery time. 

Adjustments that are done during chiropractic care help relax your muscles and correct the vertebrae that may have shifted during a strenuous activity. As your muscles relax, necessary body fluids are directed to your spinal area, allowing oxygen and other essential nutrients to be directed towards the injured part. Alignments and soft tissue manipulation also help increase elasticity, flexibility, and strength during recovery.

  1. It treats injuries.

As mentioned earlier, chiropractic care is originally used for treating neuromuscular disorders. Thus, it is an excellent option for treating major and minor injuries. Chiropractic care helps enhance blood circulation through muscle relaxation and spinal manipulation. It heals joint pains and spinal pains. 

Dallas Cowboys icon and one of the best running backs in the NFL, Emmitt Smith, credits his chiropractor for his regular recovery. He said, “I go see the chiropractor when I get bent out of shape on Sundays. Playing in a football game is like being in 30-40 car accidents.” 

  1. It promotes relaxation.

It is paramount that your muscles get to relax after engaging in highly athletic activities. Chiropractic care relaxes them through careful massaging of pressure points which enhances blood flow throughout the body. It also relieves pressure on stressed areas, allowing you to experience unique relaxation that recharges your body.    

  1. It is drug-free and non-invasive.

Most people would settle for non-invasive treatments. Athletes, in particular, are very careful with the drugs they use. Thus, it comes as no surprise that they prefer therapeutic treatments like chiropractic care because of its safety and efficacy. More importantly, it does not have harmful side effects on the body. Being non-invasive, chiropractic care also allows you to get back into action quicker, unlike invasive procedures which give your body a longer time to recover. 

Multi-awarded bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger has promoted chiropractic care throughout his career, crediting it for his success as an athlete. He even promoted it as a governor of California, “We’ve got to let the people know that there is a necessity—it’s not even an option; it’s a necessity—to have a chiropractor. As much as it is a necessity to have a dentist. If you have a dentist for the family, you should have a chiropractor for the family.”

These are just some of the many ways that chiropractic care can boost your athletic ability. With consistency, you will get the best results for your body including increased strength, better performance, and faster recovery. 

Set an appointment today with a trusted, professional chiropractor. Your road to peak athleticism begins today!

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