Chiropractic & Other Strategies to Support a Healthy Immune System During this Trying Time

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Things can be pretty stressful right now in regards to the Coronavirus and all the news surrounding it. The last thing you need is more information to add to you and your family’s already heightened stress levels because stress is one of the things that can lower your immune response and actually make you more susceptible.
Our office is a place of health, healing and support and we want to encourage you to stay calm, don’t panic and give some thought to some simple things that you and your family can do in order to help lower your stress and improve your body’s ability to respond at its best so that it is better able to block any threat to your health and the functioning of your immune system.
Chiropractic Care Research has shown that people with immune challenges not only have problems with how their immune system is functioning but they more importantly have problems with how their nervous system is functioning. The philosophy and science of chiropractic teaches us that all health challenges boil down to the inability to adapt to the onslaught of physical, chemical and emotional challenges we experience every single day.
This is also the current thinking when it comes to immunity and the physical obstructions between the nervous system, the immune system and the brain. Think about crossed wires, poorly written computer code or stepping on a garden hose with water flowing through it. Our body’s ability to adapt to internal and external health challenges and mount an immune defense and repair response is the key to overcoming the results of the physical, chemical and emotional stresses that fundamentally cause all human ailments.
One of the most important ways chiropractors help do this is to make sure the nervous system is not being obstructed and the connections are good. This is because the nervous system controls and coordinates all functions of the body – including the immune system.

Chiropractic is about removing obstructions to the proper functioning of the nervous system and improving connections. These obstructions are caused by shifts in the bones (vertebra) that make up the spine and these shifts obstruct the nervous system and create a disconnect.
Because the nervous system controls and coordinates all functions in the body, obstructing or disconnecting it can have an effect on every function of the body – and it often does.
These obstructions are referred to as vertebral subluxations in the scientific literature and adjusting them is how chiropractic helps people get and stay healthy.
In addition to getting checked for subluxations and having those obstructions removed by adjustments there are several other things you can do to keep your immune system fine-tuned now and at all times.

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