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This is an assessment that we developed exclusively for our patients to help us know the root cause of their pain. It will also give you a snapshot of your overall health and wellness levels to help you make the best decisions for your body.

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One of our top secret projects is the "FREED From Pain" Book. It is launching in the Fall of 2021, and highlights a drastic mindset shift when it comes to treating and managing pain. It focuses on a more scientific approach in removing pain from the body.

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About Intero Chiropractic

At our office, we are known for taking on tough cases.
And we’re exceptional at restoring our patients’ health

Over 4,000+ Patients Helped

We've treated over 4,000 patients in our Pleasanton office. As we open our doors in Concord, CA, we're looking forward to helping a lot of you with your pain, overall health and wellness.

90% Patient-Reported Success Rate

Over 90% of our patients have reported significant improvements in their health and pain levels after only weeks of care. We'd love to help those in Concord, CA get back to doing the things you love.

Our Secret - Gonstead Chiropractic

We're a Gonstead-only practice, which means we go above and beyond any traditional chiropractic assessment. We use the most precise chiropractic technique to address problem areas and restore your optimal health.

Coming to Concord, CA in JULY

We're excited to open our doors in Concord, CA this July. We look forward to serving and helping more patients and allowing you to live life on your own terms without the pain.

About Dr. Jerry Hsieh, D.C. & Intero Chiropractic Founder

Dr. Jerry Hsieh received his doctorate of chiropractic degree from Life Chiropractic College West in Hayward, CA, where he graduated valedictorian and summa cum laude.

Prior to a series of life-changing experiences and beginning his chiropractic career, Dr. Hsieh worked a successful career on Wall Street, where he was a top performing associate at J.P. Morgan and completed the prestigious Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) program.

He received his undergraduate degree from Columbia University in New York, NY where he received a Bachelor of Science in Engineering and Management Systems and a Minor in Economics.

His volunteer work ranges from serving world-class athletes at the Ironman Triathlon in Kona and the San Francisco Marathon to volunteer missions in underprivileged communities in El Salvador.

Dr. Hsieh's passion is to educate and support the families of Pleasanton and the greater Tri Valley communities through principled chiropractic care so that babies, children, and adults may live a life of greater health. In his spare time, Dr. Hsieh loves to spend time with his wife and two children and being involved with his local church.

What Makes Intero Different?

Our secret is the renowned Gonstead chiropractic technique, which goes above and beyond a traditional chiropractic assessment. Gonstead is a precise system, and the doctors that utilize it are able to deliver the most specific adjustments, addressing problem areas to restore and maintain optimal health.

We don’t believe in chasing symptoms or masking them with drugs. Our goal is to help your body heal as naturally as it can.

Nobody deserves to live in chronic pain. Intero Chiropractic clinic is a health and wellness center whose expert chiropractors focus on finding the root cause behind your pain and offer natural solutions at affordable prices.

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What Our Satisfied Patients Are Saying


After chiropractic care under Dr. Hsieh, my menstrual and back cramps are much less intense and for a shorter duration of time. Chiropractic also helped with my sinus allergies and headaches that have plagued me for years. They're now greatly reduced!


I tell people that Dr. Jerry is a magician. Right after the first adjustment my pain was drastically reduced and each time I came with a sore back, the adjustments have been really helpful.


I was born with scoliosis, and I wasn’t sure whether anything could really help with a condition with that I’d had for so many years. After just my first couple of visits, I started to feel relief from my back pain throughout the day.

Our Results Make us Different

Meet the Doctors that Make Results Happen


Dr. Adam Martinez received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Parker University in Dallas, Texas. Originally from Amarillo, Texas where he was heavily involved with sports his entire life, thus, graduating with a bachelor's degree in Sport and Exercise Science.


Dr. Hojin Seo is a board-certified chiropractor and completed his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Life Chiropractic College West. Prior to pursing his degree, Dr. Seo studied at Simon Fraser University in Canada, majoring in Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology (BPK).

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FREE Personalized Pain Assessment

5 minutes is all it takes for a healthier & pain-free YOU

Take the 5-Minute Personal Health Assessment


It only takes 5 minutes to get a clear picture of your health. If pain recurs, it is likely that its underlying cause has not been addressed. This assessment will give you an understanding of the origin of your pain.

Get Science-Backed Recommendations


Addressing your pain is one thing, treating them is another. Don't take chances with methods that might not work. We will provide you with science-backed recommendations to help you get rid of your pain.

We Help you Develop a Plan to Fully Live Life


Your best days are ahead of you, and not behind you. Getting rid of the pain is awesome, but you'll also need to fully live your life. We will give you recommendations on how to keep the pain away for the long haul.

Bonus #2

FREED From Pain

Will change the game in the healthcare industry

Prior to beginning his chiropractic career, Dr. Hsieh received his undergraduate degree from Columbia University in New York, where he worked a successful career on Wall Street.

His life took an unexpected turn one day when his wife collapsed to the floor while playing frisbee, screaming with back pain and unable to move or walk. It happened suddenly and without warning. She said, “It felt like someone had put a knife through my back.”

They have tried a multitude of healthcare providers without getting any results. Then, they were introduced to Gonstead, changing both their lives.