10 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day at Home

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There’s something extra special about Earth Day this year.

Today marks the 50th anniversary of the holiday. Time flies, doesn’t it!

This Earth Day is also a little different because we won’t be celebrating it with parades or public gatherings.

But, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take this day to celebrate Mother Nature and show our support for protecting the environment. After all, the intent of this holiday was to raise awareness about our role in protecting the environment. We don’t need a public gathering to do that!

There’s a surprising number of things you can do from home that can help save the earth.

Here’s a list of ten ideas to get you started.

  1. Plant a tree. Trees give us oxygen, life, and provide a home for birds and other creatures.

  2. Clean up litter. Make sure you’ve got your gloves on, and walk through your neighborhood picking up trash. Take extra safety precautions like picking up items with a trash picker tool or a Grabber Reach tool to avoid having direct contact with the items.

  3. Go for a walk. Practice social distancing and go outside to show your appreciation of nature.

  4. Look for ways to ditch your plastic habit. Plastic is everywhere, and sadly, every piece of plastic ever made still exists. It’s polluting our waterways and endangering the ocean. It’s time to limit or eliminate the use of plastic as much as possible.

    Walk around your home and identify ways to stop using plastic. Ditch single-use water bottles in favor of filling up 5-gallon jugs at a water store. Don’t buy produce or snacks in plastic or clamshells.

    Support brands that minimize plastic or use none at all. Our favorite new discovery is a laundry detergent called Earth Breeze. The detergent comes in sheets that resemble dryer sheets. You throw them directly in your washing machine, and your clothes come out perfectly clean. And the best part – the product comes in a cardboard container with no plastic!

  5. Watch a documentary about the planet. Our favorites include The Game Changers, Cowspiracy, and Vanishing Bees. There are lots of good ones – too many to list here! We recommend heading over to Netflix as they’ll likely have a category of documentaries to watch that celebrate the earth.
  • Live stream a walk. If you have friends or family that can’t go outside right now, do a live stream where you show your walk out in nature. This gives people stuck at home the ability to see the world from your perspective.
  • Make a plant-based meal. Find a vegan or plant-based recipe and make it for yourself and/or your family. Begin experimenting with recipes that avoid meat and dairy. It’s good for you and good for the planet!
  • Learn how to pickle, can, or dry your food. A lot of food gets wasted each year while millions go hungry. You can do your part to minimize food waste by drying, freeze-drying, canning, or pickling fruits and vegetables. Head on over to YouTube and watch a tutorial or order a book that walks you through the steps.
  • Make art. Find earthy items around your home or garden and turn them in masterpieces. Craft projects made out of shells, pinecones, wildflowers, or discarded feathers can be a fun way to pass the time. Recycled materials like newspapers can also be repurposed. This video includes lots of crafts that are fun for the whole family!
  1. Donate to your favorite environmental charity. There’s no shortage of charities that can use your help. The Conservation Fund, Sierra Club Foundation, Peta, and the National Wildlife Foundation are popular favorites. Need more inspiration. Here’s a long list of organizations that need your help!

By now, you’ve probably seen stories about the silver lining of the global shutdown is that Mother Nature has had time to rest, heal, and repair herself. The skylines of overcrowded cities are now blue for the first time in decades, and the air seems to have a certain freshness about it.

When things return to normal, let’s not forget about the impact we have on the planet. Instead of it being a negative one, let’s make sure it’s a positive one. We’re all in this together.

Remember, there is no Planet B, so let’s be extra vigilant about protecting the one we’ve got.

Stay safe, everyone!

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