Our Approach

At Intero Chiropractic, we do things differently.

What Makes Intero Different

As doctors of chiropractic, our focus is to help the body heal and self-regulate through the nervous system. It is designed to be in balance, in homeostasis.

Today, modern society makes it hard to stay healthy and achieve balance. Many of us lead sedentary lifestyles, spend too much time on computers, feel busy and stresses, and sustain injuries that we never quite heal from.

Our approach does not involve drugs or surgery. Instead, we take a scientific approach to determine what is going on both neurologically and structurally in your body.

We live our lives through our nervous system, and when it’s not functioning optimally, the body tries to warn us by sending signals like pain, fatigue, stiffness, etc. It’s our job to detect, locate, and correct those nerve interferences, so that the body can heal itself.

Our advanced diagnostics tools allow us to identify those specific nerve interferences and structural misalignments so we can make the necessary corrections to help you return to optimal health.




Initial Diagnostics

Thorough patient history intake


Analysis Each Visit



Cross reference analysis with full spine x-rays

The Correction

Adjusting according to the specific structural position of the joint and cross referencing with the x-ray

Disc-level adjustment and foundational correction

Treatment plan to address, stabilize, and correct the full structure

Adjunctive Care and Ongoing Support

Passive Therapies

Soft tissue work

If needed

Membership portal for extra support

Coming Soon

X-ray specific rehabilitation




Structural corrective support (eg: heel lifts, traction units)


Convenient app to reschedule appointments and text message reminders

Access to electronic records for easy sharing with other professionals


Instrumentation and Equipment Used


Full spine x-rays and report



Not Typically


We will sit down with you to discuss what symptoms you’re currently experiencing, review your history so we may better understand what has led you to your current health status, and determine your goals for the future.


We will use Space Certified-NASA Published thermographic technology to get an exact assessment of your problem areas and nerve interference that you may have.


We will use this exam to assess your movement, muscle strength, and overall spine health. We are able to determine where structural shifts and subluxations may have occurred.


We use the latest, state-of-the-art fully digital x-ray technology when necessary to analyze the full structure of the body. We are one of the few locations in the state with the capacity to take full-spine digital x-rays.

Results starts here

Are you ready to get back to doing things you love? Is pain holding you back?

Maybe you’ve tried chiropractic before, and didn’t get the results you were looking for.

We invite you to experience the Intero difference.

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I had a lot of foot pain from marathon training and intense back/menstruation
cramps which forced me to be bed ridden at times. After chiropractic care under Dr. Hsieh, the menstrual/back cramps are much less intense and for a shorter duration of time. What I didn’t know chiropractic could affect was that my sinus allergies and headaches that have plagued me for years have been greatly reduced!


Teacher & Mother

I had pinched nerves and pain in my back and neck. It hurt so much that I couldn’t reach up or reach down without sharp pain and walking was hard on my back as well. I attempted to take pain relievers but they did not help. I tell people that Dr. Jerry is a magician. Right after the first adjustment my pain was drastically reduced and each time I came with a sore back, the adjustments have been really helpful. I would recommend chiropractic to others who are sick, suffering, or in pain. Chiropractors are knowledgeable in which nerves connect to which portions of the body and very helpful in alleviating the pain. Dr. Jerry is very professional and genuinely concerned about the welfare of his patients.



I was born with scoliosis, and I wasn’t sure whether anything could really help with a condition with that I’d had for so many years. After just my first couple of visits, I started to feel relief from my back pain throughout the day. What was even more amazing was that I started sleeping well straight through the night. I never knew that my poor sleep and tossing and turning at night was because of my back. Before seeing Dr. Jerry, I even bought two new mattresses, but neither one helped. Chiropractic care has made my existing mattress feel like a cloud! Now I have much more energy throughout the day.


Common Questions Chiropractic Common Questions You will find answers to about our service and more.  Please feel free to contact us if you don't get your question's answer in below.

Do you take insurance?

A: We currently only take Medicare and Personal Injury/Auto Accident cases. Although we would love to get reimbursed for our services, most major medical insurance companies only reimburse for traditional chiropractic services, and do not reimburse for most of the things that we do above. However, we can give you a receipt/superbill to submit to your insurance for out of network benefits.

Can you give me an adjustment on my first visit?

A: Our best care is after we thoroughly complete our 45-60 minute analysis of your 30+ point exam, full spine x-rays, thermography, etc. (see above), which is typically performed in the evening (yes, we stay late!). In certain acute scenarios, we can definitely perform an abbreviated analysis, but this is not preferred.

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