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Come see why over 5,000 patients have entrusted their health to us. 

Located right off of Highway 680, Intero Concord is your all-inclusive destination for holistic healing.

Our secret is the Intero Method™, based off of the renowned Gonstead chiropractic technique, which takes a precise approach to spinal adjustments. With diagnostic precision, we pinpoint the origin of pain and nerve problems.

Discover targeted adjustments that restore health naturally.

The Concord office provides holistic treatment to patients in Concord, Martinez, Orinda, and Antioch areas. Come visit us today!

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Brandon - Bye Bye Sciatica

Brandon has tried many things like medication, to other types of chiropractors for his Level 9 to 10 Sciatic pain, and nothing seemed to work until he discovered Intero Chiropractic. He said we were the only thing he has tried that gave him results, not only lowering his pain levels but also giving him more mobility. Brandon called Dr. Fiona a master at her craft! Thank you for trusting us with your health!

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Katherine's back no longer felt the way it used to.

Katherine tweaked her lower back while lifting weights a few months ago, and it had never been the same since. She experienced difficulty squatting, using the restroom, sitting for extended periods, and getting out of the car. This stiffness was a classic indicator of an L5 disc issue. True to form, Dr. Megan confirmed her diagnosis after a thorough analysis, involving a comprehensive review of her full spine x-rays, the use of her Nervoscope, and motion palpation. Following her lower back adjustment, Katherine experienced immediate relief. 

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Examples of activities that can cause MICROTRAUMAS:

⚠️ Working a desk job
⚠️ Driving
⚠️ Mothers who regularly lift and carry children
⚠️ Manual labor jobs
⚠️ Sports
⚠️ Playing an instrument
⚠️ Hobbies

So back injuries AREN’T always caused by car accidents or major falls!

Peter here is experiencing lower back pain because he is a regular runner.

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Ryan - Neck Mobility Restored

Seemingly simple neck pain can be caused by a range of factors, however the origin is not always your neck!

Ryan came in with a kinked neck, but after seeing Dr. Fiona, a Gonstead chiropractor who adjusted his T5, his range of motion improved. Specifically, he was able to rotate his head to the right with greater ease, and he experienced a decrease in the tight feeling behind his shoulders and neck.

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Your Health Can't Wait, and Neither Should You

Come see why over 5,000 patients have entrusted their health to us. 

Meet Your Team of Doctors

Dr. Luke Sparaccio, D.C.

Dr. Luke J. Sparaccio was born and raised in Long Island, New York. He became interested in chiropractic when he attended a personal training program at the age of 18. It was at this time that Dr. Luke knew that Chiropractic was his calling. After receiving a bachelor’s degree in Biology from SUNY Cortland, he attended Sherman College of Chiropractic in Boiling Springs, SC.

Dr. Luke’s additional training includes 250+ hours of training in the Gonstead System of analysis and completion of Basic I and II training of Orthospinology, a Specific Upper Cervical technique. He is currently enrolled in a 200-hour online post graduate studies course from Functional Medicine University.

In his free time, along with improving his knowledge and understanding of the body, he is constantly reading and exploring the outdoors. He has a deep passion and commitment for educating and empowering people to live and function at their highest potential.

What His Patients Think

"Specific care at its finest when it comes to addressing the root cause of the way your body is performing during the day! Dr. Luke in the Concord office is who my wife and I go to. Luke makes sure that your adjusted the way that you need to be, and even recommends natural remedies to help your bone health. My wife is pregnant, and has been getting great relief that's been making her pregnancy easier thanks to the care we've been getting from Dr. Luke! 5 out of 5 recommend no doubt! Praise God for Intero Concord!"  ~ Nick J.

"I cannot thank Intero Chiropractic ENOUGH. I started suffering with crippling (yes, crippling!) sciatica last year Feb 2021, and I literally could not walk, sit, stand or be comfortable in any position for many, many, MANY months. I met with 3 other chiropractors over the year, and was surrendering to live in pain the rest of my life. I discovered Intero on YouTube 2 months ago. Believe me - I was very much skeptical. Bless Dr. Luke and his team! After seeing him for only 2 months, I am PAIN FREEEEEE with my sciatica. I'm grateful to him and his above&beyond wonderful staff. They care and it definitely shows. Plus their office has much more updated equipment, comparatively. I'm so relieved. I had forgotten what it was like drive without being in pain! Much love to Intero!~ Sylvia M.

What His Patients Think

"Intero takes excellent care of their clients! I look forward to my visits because of the immediate relief i get from seeing Dr. Kim. I highly recommend their services. Just as your car needs alignments, so does your body after some wear and tear. You only have one body, maintenance is very important! Well worth your time and $$. Wish i could post before and after videos of me entering and leaving the clinic. LOL BIG DIFFERENCE! THANK YOU DR. KIM AND STAFF!~ Jesus M.

"If you've been into many chiropractors, this would be your Last stop. Dr. Kim from Intero Chiropractic in Concord know's what he is doing and will help you all through out your session. He is not your typical chiropractors, He looks for the main cause of your problem. The main root. I highly recommend him and the rest of Intero Chiropractic Team! 10/10!" ~ Patrick J.

"Intero is the location you are looking for to get your life back on track! If your immobile, hurt when walking need help with pain go see Dr. Kim! He has helped me through my journey of getting my body back to where it needs to be. Dr Kim and the Intero team are the best work very hard and efficient, I personally go to the Concord location and I recommend this to anyone on the fence of taking care of themselves, thanks for everything." ~ Brian T.

Dr. Seunghwan Kim, D.C.

Dr. Seunghwan Kim earned a Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. The college is the first chiropractic college that produced chiropractors recognized worldwide. He was nominated for Excellence in Gonstead knowledge and skills in the Gonstead Seminar while serving as the technique chairman of the Palmer Gonstead Club.

Dr. Kim has attended numerous seminars and interned under a legendary chiropractor, Dr. Richard Burns, who was a chairman of the "Technique Department" at Palmer College of Chiropractic for three years.

Dr. Kim participated in sports like snowboarding, skiing, water-skiing, CrossFit, etc, and was injured while playing sports. His injuries made him interested in chiropractic. He believes chiropractic care can enhance both athletic performance and general health.

Dr. Kim aspires to use his Gonstead technique and knowledge at the highest level. He continues to spend time studying, reading chiropractic and healthcare articles, and going to seminars.

Dr. Kim sees patients of all ages and with various conditions. The most fulfilling part of being a chiropractor is seeing his patient's life-changing improvements after receiving Chiropractic care.

Your Health Can't Wait, and Neither Should You

Come see why over 5,000 patients have entrusted their health to us. 


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