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Hello, everyone! Thank you for prioritizing your health and joining our Intero Chiropractic Family. We are excited to see you get better and live the life you’ve always wanted: happy, healthy, and thriving!

March Newsletter

8 Reasons Parents Take Their Children to a Chiropractor

Adults can experience fantastic results from chiropractic care, but what about children?
If you’re a patient in our office, you might have seen a few more kids showing up for appointments recently. That’s because parents are taking their children (even infants) to chiropractors in record numbers.
Chiropractic offers a natural, drug-free approach to health, promoting optimal brain and body function. We’re fond of saying that if you have a brain and a nervous system, you should be getting adjusted on a regular basis. And, of course, everyone has these, including newborns and infants.
But first, we want to clear up that the way we adjust children, especially babies, is often different than how we adjust adults. They are incredibly gentle, and even soothing in many cases.
If you’re still asking yourself why a child (specifically, a healthy one) needs a chiropractor, we’ve got 8 reasons that are likely to surprise you.

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Meet Our Family of the Month

Joaquina, Rosie, and Julie

Rosie came in with constipation since she was born which resolved very shortly after starting care, and her older sister Julie had allergies that went away since she started receiving spinal adjustments. 😷
Mom, Joaquina, had a lot of issues going on when she first started care and her healing process has been a journey to say the least, but she said it has been a long time since her quality of life has been so good! 🙌

After learning how structural shifts in the spine can cause interference to the function of the spinal cord and spinal nerves as early on as the birth process, Joaquina decided it was obvious to have her girls checked for vertebral subluxations and they have enjoyed a higher quality of life because of it.