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Trusted by Over 4,000 Patients, Our Gonstead Experts are coming to help you FINALLY get rid of pain—naturally, precisely and with zero guesswork

With Over 1 Million Youtube Views



We Pinpoint the Source of Your Pain and Give You the Exact Treatment You Need

We specialize in the renowned Gonstead Chiropractic Technique, which goes above and beyond a traditional chiropractic assessment.

Being experts in the Gonstead method, a precise system, your doctors here at Intero Concord can ensure the most specific diagnostics and adjustments —helping you get rid of chronic pain and gain back your optimal health.

We don’t believe in chasing symptoms or masking them with drugs. Our goal is to help your body heal as naturally as it can.


We Have Over 1 Million Youtube Views

We have treated over 4,000 patients, most of whom had tried other healthcare practitioners including other chiropractors, and expanded our help to millions of people worldwide through our Youtube videos.

As a result, we are one of the top rated chiropractic offices in the Tri Valley, and have had over 1 million views on our YouTube channel.



We've treated over 4,000 patients in our Pleasanton office. As we open our doors in Concord, CA very soon!

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Over 90% of our patients have reported significant improvements in their health and pain levels after only weeks of care.

We’re all about results! And because your wellbeing is our mission, we’re bringing the Intero experience to Concord—very soon!

Gonstead Chiropractic


We're a Gonstead-only practice, which means we go above and beyond any traditional chiropractic assessment. We use the most precise chiropractic technique to address problem areas and restore your optimal health.


It's Time to Experience Life Pain-Free

We’ve helped over 4,000 patients (like you) get FREED from chronic pain and feel whole again. Our unique methodology advocates:

Natural, Holistic Healing

Non-Invasive Pain Relief

100% Gonstead Treatment

Drug-free Pain Elimination


The Intero Chiropractic Team:
Meet Our Doctors

Rated as one of the most trusted chiropractic practices in the Tri Valley, our doctors use only the Gonstead Technique to deliver holistic healing to our patients. We are known for taking on tough cases, and we’re exceptional at restoring our patients’ health.

Your wellbeing is our passion. And we are excited to bring this mission to you. Find out why over 4,000 patients already trust us, and finally find relief to your own pains.

About Dr. Jerry Hsieh, D.C.

Intero Chiropractic Founder

"My own story started back in 2009 when my wife suffered a massive injury that left her disabled for over half a year. This form of chiropractic is what allowed her to walk again after a dozen failed experiences with doctors. I was so inspired by that experience that I gave up a career on Wall Street and have studied with the best of the best to do the same for others."

Dr. Jerry Hsieh received his doctorate of chiropractic degree from Life Chiropractic College West in Hayward, CA, where he graduated valedictorian and summa cum laude.

He received his undergraduate degree from Columbia University in New York, NY where he received a Bachelor of Science in Engineering and Management Systems and a Minor in Economics.

His volunteer work ranges from serving world-class athletes at the Ironman Triathlon in Kona and the San Francisco Marathon to volunteer missions in underprivileged communities in El Salvador.

Dr. Hsieh's passion is to educate and support the families of Pleasanton and the greater Tri Valley communities through principled chiropractic care so that babies, children, and adults may live a life of greater health. In his spare time, Dr. Hsieh loves to spend time with his wife and two children and being involved with his local church.

Dr. Haechan Chung, DC

Dr. Haechan Chung received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Palmer College Chiropractic in Davenport, IA. He was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea. He went on to study abroad in the United States and graduated with a bachelor's degree in Kinesiology from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Haechan has accumulated 200+ hours of Gonstead technique outside of curriculum. He is currently the dedicated member of Gonstead Seminar of Chiropractic.

Prior to chiropractic career, Haechan worked at Johnson and Johnson Medical in South Korea as a marketing and sales representative for 3years. 

Dr. Haechan loves watching college basketball and NFL (his favorite team is University of Kansas and Kansas city chiefs).

Dr. Hannah Sisson, DC

Hannah grew up on a farm in Sebastopol, California. Got her bachelors degree at Northern Arizona university where she majored in microbiology with minors in chemistry and math.

She got her Doctorate of Chiropractic at Life Chiropractic College West, where she focused on the Gonstead method as well as extremity adjusting. In her spare time she likes to hike and hang out with her cat, Duchess.

Dr. Luke J. Sparaccio, DC

Dr. Luke J. Sparaccio was born and raised in Long Island, New York. He became interested in chiropractic when he attended a personal training program at the age of 18. It was at this time that Dr. Luke knew that Chiropractic was his calling. After receiving a bachelor’s degree in Biology from SUNY Cortland, he attended Sherman College of Chiropractic in Boiling Springs, SC.

Dr. Luke’s additional training includes 250+ hours of training in the Gonstead System of analysis and completion of Basic I and II training of Orthospinology, a Specific Upper Cervical technique. He is currently enrolled in a 200-hour online post graduate studies course from Functional Medicine University.

In his free time, along with improving his knowledge and understanding of the body, he is constantly reading and exploring the outdoors. He has a deep passion and commitment for educating and empowering people to live and function at their highest potential.


From Our Satisfied Patients

After chiropractic care under Dr. Hsieh, my menstrual and back cramps are much less intense and for a shorter duration of time. Chiropractic also helped with my sinus allergies and headaches that have plagued me for years. They're now greatly reduced!


I tell people that Dr. Jerry is a magician. Right after the first adjustment my pain was drastically reduced and each time I came with a sore back, the adjustments have been really helpful


I was born with scoliosis, and I wasn’t sure whether anything could really help with a condition with that I’d had for so many years. After just my first couple of visits, I started to feel relief from my back pain throughout the day.


We Have Helped More than 4,000 Patients

Intero changed my life. Sciatica - gone after one month. I went to them because of persistent lower back problems that I could no longer keep at bay by building my core and stretching. After just one month not only are my symptoms gone but I just feel good. I can stand, sit, and exercise without issues. They use a scientific approach to analyze your condition and tailor the therapy just for you. Plus they really care about their patients. Highly recommended. Life changing for me.

Peter K, Pleasanton CA

5 Stars on Both

Service & Quality


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Free Posture Analysis

You may not be aware of it, but sitting and standing in poor posture hampers your productivity and causes fatigue on your body's ligaments and muscles. Break free from old postural habits to reduce stress and strain on your spine! If you sign up today, you will get a free posture analysis with your consultation.


Free Nerve Scan

If your spine is misaligned, it disturbs the muscles' regular nerve function, therefore creating health problems and causing more pain! Our free (limited time only) evaluation is a totally non-intrusive neuro-spinal screening that measures muscle stress and allows us to pinpoint exactly where the vertebrae should be manipulated.