5 Tips to Help Reduce Low Back Pain During Pregnancy

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7 Reasons Why Pregnant Women Choose Structural Chiropractic

Navigating through pregnancy, especially as a first time mom, can seem like a daunting process. 

After all…you do have a baby growing inside you!

In the 1970s, the average age women had their first child was around 24. Today, that has jumped to 28 years old. 

There are a lot of reasons for this shift, and one likely explanation is for moms-to-be to learn more about the journey of pregnancy beforehand to allow for the best possible experience. Plus, with ever-rising prices, gaining financial stability also takes longer than it did 50 years ago!

With that being said, more mothers than ever are seeking natural solutions to the discomforts of pregnancy and all the other radical physiological changes that happen during the process.  

Here are 7 major reasons pregnant women seek structural chiropractic:

1. Lower Back Pain Relief

Nearly 3 million pregnant women every year suffer from low back pain, which is roughly half of all mothers who come to carry a child. And, some sources have indicated that this figure could be as high as 90%.  

When things couldn’t seem to get any worse, 75% of women will go on to experience low back pain during labor as well.  

There are so many changes that are taking place in mom’s body and structure, particularly as the baby grows inside this causes the pelvis tilt forward causing strain in the lower back as your upper body counters the weight of the baby.  

By specifically analyzing the spine, particularly the pelvis and lower back, the structural Chiropractor provides a very precise and gentle correction to the spinal and/or pelvic structure in order to restore proper position and remove interference from the spinal nerves.

You live your life through your nerve system and pain is therefore also perceived through your nerve system. By removing this nerve interference, pregnant women report significant back pain relief.

2. Healthier Pregnancy and Labor

If it makes sense that it’s good to eat whole fruits and vegetables, get regular moderate exercise, adopt a positive mental attitude, meditate and so many other things when you aren’t pregnant, then it makes all the more sense to adopt healthy lifestyle behaviors when you ARE pregnant. 

The reason being because, well….your child’s growth and development depends on it, but also because there continues to be mounting evidence to suggest that more mothers are experiencing substantial benefits and see a much improved quality in their pregnancy and labor compared to mothers who are not under chiropractic care.


3. Stabilize and Align the Pelvis

As you would imagine, the structure of a building is what ultimately determines not only how well a building functions, but also all of the business-related functions that take place inside. 

If you liken this to the body of an up and coming momma, you’ll quickly understand that the pelvis acts as the foundation of the spine and the home for your growing baby.

Having a structurally stable pelvis and imperative for not only your health pregnancy, but it should be the primary goal of every woman who is striving to express their and their baby’s potential.

4. Prevent Sciatica

Have you ever had that feeling like a hot knife was going down the back of your leg? 

Consider yourself lucky if you haven’t!  

It is NOT fun, but many women who have become aware of the distraught this has brought their loved ones have decided to take active measures to try to prevent this from happening to them.  

This is another common reason pregnant women seek chiropractors when they start to experience spinal discomfort; they recognize the warning sign that something is breaking down in their body.  

Interestingly enough, although the goal is structural chiropractic is not to treat sciatica, many pregnant moms who do experience it, or experience back pain and want to prevent it from getting to that point, overwhelmingly report positive results and are thrilled with the outcomes.

5. Prepare the Best Intrauterine Environment for the Baby

If you don’t remember from high school anatomy, maybe a quick trip down memory lane will suffice….

Every part of your body, down to the workings of the tiny cell, is dependent on a properly functioning nerve system in order to not only do its job effec​tively and efficiently. It also needs to cooperate with other parts of your body and work as a system. 

In essence, the whole really is greater than the sum of its parts!

The brain sends information down the spine and out the nerves to all your body parts and that’s how you stay alive.  This takes on a much deeper meaning when you have another life depending on your health.

By receiving specific corrections to the specific areas of the pelvis, sacrum, and/or spine that need it, and releasing the round ligament which is what tethers the uterus to the pelvis, this permits a much more ideal environment for baby as they continue to grow, develop, and move!  

Further, there are intricate networks of nerves that form once they leave the spine which supply reproductive smooth muscle, digestion, glands and blood flow, which can play a fundamental role in making sure the baby is getting all the building blocks they need.

6. Baby is in Breech Position

This is arguably the most common reason many mothers originally sought chiropractic care.  

Now, it should be made clear, that the goal of chiropractic is not to turn babies….on the contrary!

The goal is actually to create alignment in the spine and pelvis so as to remove interference from the nerve system in order for the body to heal and function optimally.  

It just so happens that pregnant mother after pregnant mother reported positive results in regards to their breech baby turning after receiving gentle spinal adjustments.  

By making gentle corrections to the pelvis, sacrum and removing stress from the spinal nerves and round ligament, this permits mom’s body the opportunity to have better structural alignment.  

It has been truly amazing to see mom’s face when their baby does turn. Regardless if your baby doesn’t turn, you will be much better off with a properly functioning spine and nerve system as a result of a series of gentle and specific adjustments.

7. Help the Baby Develop Optimal Well-Being

I’ve talked largely about how structural chiropractic care can benefit you as a pregnant mother, but more mothers are finding it to also play a vital part in their pregnancy journey beyond overcoming certain issues.  

Dr. Rob Sinnott, a doctor of chiropractic, discusses in his latest book, Textbook of Human Adaptability, that there is an overwhelming amount of literature which is now suggesting how the pregestational, prenatal and perinatal stress can have far reaching effects into your offspring and even more generations after that.  

This is known as transgenerational stress.

We live in a culture that is indoctrinated in trying to remove disease from the body as if it is the entity, but a “new” paradigm is emerging which embraces health and that which gives birth to it known as salutogenesis.  

This is really not a new paradigm, but that which has taken the back seat to the traditional treatment of disease and is now emerging due to the fact that there are shortcomings to this long held paradigm (though it is essential in times of emergency, rare genetic issues, or when your life’s on the line).  

Your autonomic nerve system perceives stress and has to adapt to it.  When your spine is functioning properly, it has a positive effect on the tone of your autonomic nerve system.  This in effect makes you more stress resilient as opposed to being stress vulnerable.  This is a large reason why so many expecting mothers have decided to incorporate structural chiropractic into their birth plan.  

Are you looking to be as stress resilient as possible and have the best quality pregnancy and labor?  

​Let us help you!







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  1. My pregnant wife has been having back pain, and I’m not sure what to do about it. It makes sense that chiropractic work would be a good idea. That’s definitely something worth looking into.

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