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Been Injured in an Auto/Car Accident?

Auto accident injuries can be a challenging and painful experience to go through. The reality though is that thousands of people every day in the Pleasanton CA area go through it (And are urged to see an auto accident chiropractor). You have to deal with insurance claims, fixing your vehicle and not to mention the annoying paperwork. And 9 times out of 10, you’ll have a physical injury as a result from the accident.

An injury from an automotive accident can create long-term issues that requires medical assistance. This is where a good chiropractor can assist you. Never just manage pain on your own when there are qualified professionals who can step in and offer you the relief that you deserve.

An auto accident chiropractor here in Pleasanton, CA can do a number of things for you:

  • Whiplash: This can be one of the most painful and life-changing conditions to manage. The neck is sensitive and the impact of a car crash can jerk the patient, leaving a serious injury. Chiropractic assistance can treat this condition by using manipulation, muscle stimulation and relaxation techniques and various exercises. The doctor will gently move the involved area of discomfort into the direction that it is restricted. Over time, this eases distress and promotes healing.
  • Lower back pain relief: A general lower back pain can present itself after an auto accident. In general, when you are hit from behind your back ends up absorbing the force of the impact. It also can be jerked upon the crash. Movements like these are what shift your back out of place and introduce lower back pain. If you had a previous injury or a condition before the crash, this can make it even worse.

A chiropractor is a specialist with the musculoskeletal system and they can use non-surgical treatments to assist with pain relief. Spinal manipulation and massage of surrounding areas of the back can offer the relief that you need. They offer the ideal non-surgical solution that thousands of patients require.

  • Neck pain: Neck pain is common with a large number of people. Post-auto accident the symptoms can be escalated to unbearable amounts. Impact can cause damaging and shifting of the head, neck, upper shoulder and upper back area. Your condition can also be exacerbated with age, location of impact, severity of previous condition and even age of the bones. It is critical to get treatment the minute you experience any worsening of your pain or discomfort level. A chiropractor can assist with managing neck pain post auto accident by examining your situation and then creating the proper management plan. Not only can you find relief, but you also can find improvement of your situation as you consistently follow the chiropractor’s customized orders.
  • TMJ pain relief: TMJ is temporomandibular joint disorder. This joint is the hinge that connects the bones of your skull to your jaw. You can feel this joint when you put your hand up to your ear and then open and close your jaw. The impact from a car crash can seriously affect your alignment within your entire body, and that includes your jawbone. This can create pain ranging from mild discomfort to severe difficulty when chewing or talking.

We help with TMJ by using special manipulation techniques that offer relief from pain. We also suggest exercises and home-care cures that you can do at home. We also work with you long-term to continue to ease the pain and discomfort of TMJ.

  • Healing chiropractic adjustments: An auto accident can open the door to a lot of issues with the body. Consider that a thousand-pound-plus object just rammed into another one, with you in it. There is bound to be some lasting effect and it won’t be a good one. If you experience any different pains or aches, which is common, post-accident, be sure to consult with your chiropractor. He or she can assess your individual case and come up with a treatment plan that will improve your condition.
  • Headache and migraine relief. After an accident some victims report a higher occurrence of headaches and migraines. They may have already experienced them, or they may suddenly see more severe period of pain. Chiropractic manipulation has also been very common with treating auto accident-related headaches and migraines. Both are somewhat mysterious conditions with doctors, but chiropractors know how to manipulate the body for relief. If you’re in an auto accident, you may experience a heightened occurrence of one or both. This is the ideal time to discuss your experience and your pain with a qualified chiropractor. He or she will do a full assessment and then put you on a treatment plan that includes methods of relieving pain and pressure from your neck, back and shoulder areas.

If you experience an auto accident while driving in Pleasanton, CA be sure to reach out for help. You may experience pains for the first time, or you may have had a previous injury that is escalated as a result of the crash. Either way, be sure that you make an appointment with a chiropractor. He or she can offer you the long-term relief that you need to maintain your quality of life.

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