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Searching for a scoliosis chiropractor in Pleasanton, CA that can actually help? We fix the root cause of scoliosis. Keep reading to find out how!

Scoliosis originates from a Greek word that means crooked.

When you suffer from scoliosis, your spine bends from its standard position sideways.

It may take a double curve or a single curve. The mid spin is typically the most severely affected area. The lower spine is also affected.

When you have a double curve, both areas will be affected giving the spine an S-shape.

Females and young children between the ages of 10 and 15 suffer from scoliosis more than any other group.

When the condition is at an advanced stage, scoliosis curvatures cause chronic back pain, heart tissue and lung compression and many nerve disorders.

It also promotes a negative self-image.

What Exactly Causes Scoliosis?

No one knows why the spine is affected by scoliosis. Adolescent idiopathic scoliosis, the most common form of this disorder, still has unknown causes.

In some cases, this disorder can be traced to certain structural abnormalities, like a disc derangements and incorrectly formed vertebrate. In other situations, these curves are linked to a particular imbalance in the spinal musculature, visible leg length differences, and nervous system disorders.

When the mid spine is affected by the lateral curve, the position changes as regards the connections with your spinal area. There will be a protrusion on the convex of the scoliotic curve far more than the ribs on your opposite side.

Can Scoliosis Be Corrected?

When you have mild scoliosis curves, you will need to be monitored for progression. You may not experience pain in your back as compared to those with advanced scoliosis. However, when you notice rapid progression or an increase in the curve beyond 30°, it’s best to see your chiropractor and consider the treatment options available to you.

Every individual with scoliosis will have areas of spinal subluxation. This contributes to nervous system problems and spinal pain. The good news is that there are treatment options available to you.

90% of the time, treatment is recommended for scoliotic curves. Only mild cases do not require treatment. In adolescents, it is imperative that these curves are monitored for changes. Periodical x-ray and examinations are used to keep track of progress or degeneration. When increased deformity in the spine is detected, most extreme measures may be required to determine treatment options.

Factors that determine treatment include; bone age, the degree of curvature, gender, the location of the curve, the severity of the curve, patient age, and reproductive status.

Although surgical treatments are often recommended, a nonsurgical alternative to treat scoliosis is chiropractic. Our chiropractors are trained specifically to locate the problem and correct it. If you suspect that you have scoliosis, you should visit our chiropractors in Pleasanton, CA for proper diagnosis and treatment.

Not only do we work hard to reduce your symptoms that are caused by alterations in your spinal mechanism, but we also do our best to reduce the curve drastically. Research has shown that chiropractic is effective for the treatment of scoliosis as it significantly reduces the curve.

When conservative treatment options are not effective, to the extent that the curve progresses beyond 70 degrees, the only other option after seeing a chiropractor is surgery. It may evidently be the only effective way to prevent disruption of the lung and heart functions.

Scoliosis is very dangerous and as such, parents with children suffering from this condition should be very observant. Regular appointments should not be ignored. This way, the parent will know when the spine of the child begins to bend.

The symptoms of a shift on the spine include uneven hips, leaning on one side of the body all the time, and chronic back pain. The earlier treatment commences, the more likely the damage will be minimized.

We are alignment specialists dedicated to helping you correct the curve effectively. Our responsibility is to care for this curvature in your spine. Remember that this condition can have detrimental effects on your health as it progresses so you should act swiftly. We are here to take good care of your spine before the problem gets out of hand.

How We Treat Scoliosis in Pleasanton, CA

When you visit us, you’ll find that we use the information we get from observation and Adams test to screen adolescents and children with scoliosis to determine the best action. The test is simple. All a person is by required to do is bend low and touch their toes. Our specialist will observe the position of the ribs on either the left or right side of the spine. When one side if the rips sit higher than the other, our experts will suspect scoliosis.

The test is simple.  You’ll only need to bend low and touch your toes. Our specialist will observe the position of the ribs on either the left or right side of the spine. When one side if the rips sit higher than the other, our experts will suspect scoliosis.

Our specialist will observe the position of the ribs on either the left or right side of the spine. If one side of your ribs sit higher than the other, our experts will suspect scoliosis.

This test can also be utilized to determine the causes of the condition. Most curves tend to disappear as the spine stretches. The structural curves are not typically affected when an individual bends forward.

The three classifications of scoliosis are mild, moderate and severe. If your spine is bent below 20 degrees from a vertical angle, it is considered as mild. On the other hand, when it is below 20 and 55 degrees it will be considered as moderate.

It is severe when the curve is below 70 degrees.

No matter what stage your scoliosis is, you can still treat or manage the condition with adjustment. It is of utmost importance that you make contact with us as soon as possible to get a proper diagnosis and treatment recommendation.

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