Many Patients Have Referred to Our Method as the “Sniper” Method in Structural Chiropractic . . . Here’s Why.

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The intelligence that runs your body is very intentional in every function it directs and allows your body to coordinate all of its actions and activities with all the other parts of the body.

Just think – when you were in elementary school and you were running to catch the bus, you went from a resting state one second eating breakfast, to all of a sudden a full-blown sprint to catch the bus. 

This requires incredible coordination and direction on behalf of the wisdom of the body.  Your nerve system has to perceive and act on the demands to catch the bus, which involves releasing stress hormones into the bloodstream.  

As a result, your heart rate and blood pressure goes up, and all of the oxygenated blood is directed to your muscles so that you can make it to the bus in time – without any conscious thought.

How incredible is that?!

When it comes to the health of your nerve system, which is protected by your spine and skull, we prefer to honor the innate wisdom of the body and intervene as minimally and specifically as possible.  

This is why we rarely make corrections on more than two, maybe even three segments on the spine during any particular visit.  

If we make a correction in the most precise direction, at the right time, then we achieve most effectively what anyone can ever do for the wisdom of the body – assist nature rather than intrude in its healing.

This is you going from suffering from migraines to having your first night of sleep in years; 

This is your child going from not wanting to sleep over at his friend’s house because he’s afraid of wetting the bed and being self-conscious, to your child being more engaged and confident and being the child they were created to be; 

This is you dealing with sciatica and digestive disturbances every day since a car accident years ago with no answers as to why, to being able to go hiking with your family having the opportunity to better enjoy the food you eat without being as concerned about the consequences.  

Have you had you the structural and electrical system which powers your body evaluated yet?  

Are you looking for a practical solution that honors the wisdom of the body rather than intrudes?  

Watch Dr. Chris’s video below as he explains more about this:

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