Take Your Personal Pain Assessment 

5 minutes is all it takes for a healthier & pain-free YOU

Taking the Assessment

Tired of dealing with pain every single day? Not sure where to start? Our doctor-designed assessment cuts through the noise (and pain) to find the right approach you need to help you deal with your pain. It only takes a few minutes. 

How it Works?

Take the 5-Minute Personal Health Assessment. It's FREE


It only takes 5 minutes to get a clear picture of your health. If pain recurs, it is likely that its underlying cause has not been addressed. This assessment will give you an understanding of the origin of your pain.

Get Science-Backed Recommendations


Addressing your pain is one thing, treating them is another. Don't take chances with methods that might not work. We will provide you with science-backed recommendations to help you get rid of your pain.

We Help you Develop a Plan to Fully Live Life


Your best days are ahead of you, and not behind you. We will give you recommendations on how to keep the pain away for the long haul so you'll be able to fully live your life.

Here's what you get when complete your Pain Assessment:

A Comprehensive Report on the Underlying Cause of Your Pain

There's more to the assessment than just your pain score. Knowing the true cause of your pain is simply the first step in helping you treat it. 

A Thorough Guide To Improve and Maintain Your Overall Wellness Goals

Know if the treatment you are currently in addresses the root cause of your pain. Are you measuring gains in an objective manner? The assessment will have all the answers for you.

Start Feeling Your Best

With personalized and science-backed pain advice from the assessment, you'll be able to take the next steps to live a pain-free life. Feel good. Your best days are ahead of you, and not behind you. Take your first step today.