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Hello, everyone! Thank you for prioritizing your health and joining our Intero Chiropractic Family. We are excited to see you get better and live the life you’ve always wanted: happy, healthy, and thriving!


Are you wearing your masks and gloves the right away?

To this date, more than 2 million people in 210 countries have been infected with COVID -19.

Since the outbreak, people have been doing preventive measures to protect themselves from getting infected. These include maintaining physical distancing, thoroughly cleaning hands with soap and water or alcohol-based rub, constantly disinfecting and even wearing gloves and masks when there’s a need to go to public places. But the latter has been controversial. Does wearing a mask or gloves an effective way to prevent yourself from getting infected?

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention or CDC recommends wearing close face coverings in public places and in areas with significant community-based transmission. This is to minimize the transmission of virus especially from those who are asymptomatic and have no idea that they are already infected. With masks shortage, CDC advises the use of simple masks that are created from household items or in short, the use of DIY masks. Wearing a mask, however, is not advised for children under the age of 2, those who have breathing issues and those who lack the ability to wear and remove the masks themselves.

Knowing how to use and dispose them however are both critically important. According to WHO, these steps should be followed when choosing to wear masks:


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Meet Our Family of the Month
Minard Family

The Minard Family

Filomena (the grandmother) was the first to start care in the office.  She had middle back pain for the past 5 years, and when it was at its worst, it would be a 10/10 pain.  She had tried other avenues and other doctors. 

She was instructed to take Tylenol, use ice, and do exercises/stretches which led to no avail.  After 4 months of specific structural care, she was 90% better!

Along the way, she learned how when the spine is not aligned or functioning properly it negatively affects the nervous system which is the internal electrical system which controls and coordinates ALL parts of the body.

As a result, her daughter and granddaughter, Sandra and Isabella, decided to start care at Intero Chiropractic as well.  Sandra has a physically demanding job, and as a result she was experiencing constant back and upper back pain.  By the end of her corrective care, she noted a 90% improvement in her quality of life!  Isabella suffered from Asthma and an imbalance in her ankles, knees, and hips.  Although Isabella still needs her inhaler, she and her mother noted a 90% improvement in her quality of life.

This family has been such a joy to take care of and we've loved watching their quality of life flourish under specific Neuro-Structural chiropractic care.