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Message From Dr. Jerry

Hello, everyone! Thank you for prioritizing your health and joining our Intero Chiropractic Family. We are excited to see you get better and live the life you’ve always wanted: happy, healthy, and thriving!

February Newsletter

February is finally here and it’s the month we all know for Valentine’s Day, or should I say…ValenSPINES Day?!  (I’ll get to that in just a minute) Yes, yes the time where if you haven’t been expressing as much love, gratitude and affection towards your significant other as you should have been up until now . . . then it’s time to kick into gear and make up for it!

The good news is that you’re not even two months into the New Year so you can be sure to ride that wave for at least another couple of months after February. However, the wise decision would be to carry that on into every day moving forward. I’ll give you one simple action step you can implement at the end of this blog post that will rewire and condition your brain into making this a weekly/daily occurrence as opposed to something you only do on special occasions.


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